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Our Labs and Equipment

Main Lab [N3.1-B1-03]

Display case of past printer projects

Main Entrance Area

​​​​Main researchers room.jpg

Researchers' Office

Corridor detailing the history of HP
12 Rules of HP Garage

HP-NTU Corp Lab (Main 3D Printing Lab) [N3.1-B1b-03]

Main research lab that houses our in-lab 3D Printers

HP MJF 3D Printers

HP MJF4200, HP MJF5200, HP MJF580 Printers

Main lab HP printers_colour.jpgMain lab HP printers_1.jpg

Other labs

HP-NTU Corp Lab Annex Lab [N3.1-B4b-02]

Bead Blaster

MAE Biological Lab [N3-01b-07]

D300e Digital dispenser


Materials Lab 2, Processing room 1 [N3.2-b2-02]

TIPS system

3DP-001 - TIPS system compressor.png

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