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Seminar: HP Thermal Inkjet Technology and the D300e Digital Dispenser for Picoliter Dispensing

Published on: 20-Mar-2019

Date: 20 March 2019, Wednesday
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Fusion@MAE Seminar Room (N3.1-B3c-06)
Speaker: Ms Christie Dudenhoefer, Life Science Dispense Solutions Manager, Specialty Printing Systems

This talk will provide an introduction to HP’s thermal inkjet technology (TIJ) and the Specialty Printing Systems business, which deploys several of HP’s core inkjet technologies into disparate markets through OEM integrators. HP’s leverage of TIJ for ultra-low-volume fluid dispensing, using the HP D300e Digital Dispenser, will also be addressed. Picoliter dispense technology enables assay miniaturization and the elimination of serial dilution for dose-response analyses and qPCR.  By placing the appropriate number of droplets into each assay well, the required dose is formed directly. The methodology enables many advantages over manual pipetting, including 90% reduction in compound usage, improved speed and reproducibility and reduced ergonomic costs. Because each well is dosed independently from any other well, unique and useful experimental designs can be created.

About the Speaker:

Christie Dudenhoefer is the business and R&D manager of an intrapreneurial HP Inc business that deploys HP core printing technology to new Life Science applications.  The team’s current products target pharmaceutical and biotech drug discovery and genomics research. Christie’s HP career spans over 25 years, in medical product development, inkjet cartridge design and manufacturing, and inkjet system interactions. Christie holds a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and received a fellowship from HP to pursue an MSE in Macromolecular Science and Engineering, both from the University of Michigan. Since returning to work from her fellowship in 2004, Christie has focused on new business activities leveraging HP’s microfluidic technologies into life science applications, leading to her current role.

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